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The list of the U2 records and singles I found today..

U2 R.O.K (German) 1981 Single

    Johnny Swallow
    11 O'clock tick tock
    The Ocean

U2 Even better than the real thing remixes 1992 Single

    The perfecto mix
    Sexy dub mix
    Apollo 440 Stealth sonic remix
    V16 Exit wound remix
    A440 vs. U2 Instrumental remix

U2 Stay (Faraway, so close!) Swing format 1993 Single

    Stay (faraway, so close!)
    I've got you under my skin (with Frank Sinatra)
    Lemon (Bad yard club edit)
    Lemon (Perfecto mix)

U2 Staring at the sun Promo 1997 Single

    Staring at the sun

U2 Where the streets have no name 1987 Single

    Where the streets have no name
    Race against time
    Silver and gold
    Sweetest thing

U2 With or without you 1987 Single

    With or without you
    Luminous times (hold on to love)
    Walk to the water

U2 Bono talks in Philadelphia 1987

The Fly 1993 Single

    Alex descends into hell for a bottle of milk/Korova 1
    The lounge fly mix

U2 The story so far 1998 (?)

    Sunday bloody Sunday
    Bad inc.. Satellite of love/Ruby Tuesday/Walk on the wild side/Candle in the wind
    North and south of the river
    All I want is you (Different lyrics)
    Unreleased track #1
    Unreleased track #2
    Unreleased track #3
    Unreleased track #4
    Unreleased Instrumental track
    I will follow
    Wake up dead man
    MLK (Different lyrics)
    Desire (Acoustic)

... and for those people out there who doesn't know or care that much, these are rare recordings... hard to come by... atleast in Sweden...

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