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13 months...

I found this Article in Slashdot... interesting reading... 13 months in a year, 28 days in each month and new years day is month-less... superb... this guy is a genius... he haven't solved the leap-year thingy yet, but that's a minor problem...

now they have to win the publics acceptance for this system... I'd use it tomorrow if someone told me to... we have been using the same old calendar since 1582, that's some 419 years... Isn't it time for some change?

... and why hasn't the swatch beats system come to more use? people are afraid of changes... that's the only thing that could stop evolution of methods and time measuring... why do the clock have 24 hours (12 for Americans, occurs twice *grin*)?

Where does the 24 come from? it would be much smarter to use another time-base in the computer era, like 16 or 256...

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