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... outta hell... and I can't leave the office...

gotta reach Hertzman too, to check that it's ok to come up to his office for the interview... everybody seems to be out for lunch at the moment...

... it feels like I need a change of scenery... soon... I've come to insight that this job is just a transport to something else... now I'm dealing with hardware, while I'm a programmer at heart... I can't say it's bad working with hardware... but i want to program and optimize... people and friends tell me I'm a natural... for programming... I grasp new techniques quickly and program in a attack/defense-style... with highly optimized code from the start...

hopefully I'll get that interview today... and can start negotiating with the boss... I have a small wish that he won't accept my arguments... that would make it easier to quit and start working on the other place...

well, thoughts...

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