That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

Hmmm... i've been busy... yesterday i was so tired and didn't write anything... spent the day with answering phonecalls and coding a site validation application...

I know there are such applications available... but i want to do it myself, to get the things I want... such as auto-submit of URLs to and other search-engines...

Since most of the search-engines can't index anything else than static html yet, I have to submit the complete URLs... then only that page will be indexed... the company website is bilingual and have about 100+ products online... that would do about 250+ pages in the end.

Today I woke up late... Matt was late too... I'm not sure if I am really awake yet... i had my first cup of coffee but i still feel like i just rolled out of my bed... hmmm... i should go to bed early tonite... but that's not gonna happen... unless I reschedule a lot of things... :-/

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