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... now Opera has started to bitch... and i dunno why... I installed Opera since M$ IE kept crashing... and it have been working great... until now...hmmm... maybe i should uninstall it and install it again... blah...

Today it has been kinda slow... nothing much to do at work... just some testing of a box that was returned with the description "broken"... just gotta love those describing reports...

The boss and Matt got their new monitors today... for Matt it's a total waste... his "old" monitor was less than a year old... so now we have like 3 monitors collecting dust... maybe i can make an offer on one of them ... 15" with built-in speaker gotta be worth something..

My GF was happy when I gave her a pair of keys to my apartment...

She got sick this evening... head ache and stuff... not good at all...

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