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Hybris virus...

... seem to be very advanced and well written... support for plug-ins and version check makes it very modular and dynamic... but it has a few drawbacks... it propagates itself through email... which draws attention to it's actions...

In my virii-writing days I managed to circumvent and fool most virii-scanners... only one scanner could really hold up... the ThunderByte AntiVirus scanner... also known as TBAV... the fundamentals in virii-writing is the propagation factor... how many runs before next infection... and how many generations before showing it's presence...

Robert T. Morris (also known as "RTM") who wrote and released the first Internet worm November 2, 1988 made a few mistakes... one of them was that he by mistake got the infection factors wrong, instead of 1000 to 1 it became 1 to 1000... which means 1 run -- 1000 infections instead of 1000 runs -- 1 infection. He utilized unknown flaws in different systems to gain access and spread further...

This proves that a person aimed with some knowledge and a compiler can raise hell on the Internet... and if the person has knowledge of how Win32 (95/98/NT/2000) and other OS's work he could become really dangerous...

For the record; My own virii's was never spread (and never intended to be spread either, just for research and education) and was killed in a harddisk crash in 1994. Most virii-programmers are not evil in any way, just curious... and most virii's are not intended to do harm, when lamers/evil persons get their hands on them they might become dangerous when they are modified and have payloads added or changed.

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