That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

I'm alone at work... again... no phones ringing... no emails to reply to... it's calm... and it's the last day of this week... :)

I'll be back at work on monday... seems like a long time from now... but i know the time will fly as soon as i don't think about it... happens all the time.. heh..

I've been thinking about doing something serious programming on the Win32 platform... programming or hacking... it's hard to get used to other styles of writing asm... i've been programming in assebly language since '88 or something... if i have to change compiler and linker to get things running i'll probably spend most time struggling with getting the code to compile... the way i want... i'm a minimalist... small __is__ beautiful... the smaller the better...

When i was active asm programmer back in '94.. i managed to optimize a 10kbyte program into just under 2kbytes... with some code bumming and other tricks... still fully functional. I also wrote some virii's... to learn to code as effectively as possible... and to see how much tweaking i needed to do to slip through most Anti-Virus scanners... the only scanner i would suggest anyone to use is the TBAV, Thunderbyte AntiVirus... as all the others fell short after minor tweaks to my code.

for the record; I never spread any of my viral creations, they died when i had to reformat my harddisk.

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