That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

Yet more changes

Yup, moving to the next city, Västerås, which in my opinion is less sucky than current city, Eskilstuna.

But ... there is always a "but", we got caught in a bit of a limbo, we are stuck between apartments for a month, technically we are homeless as we during September do not have any residency. As we move out of current apartment, shove everything into storage and go to live at (this part is not really complete yet) bed & breakfast/long stay hotel/rental cabin for a month while bringing Lord Assburp to daycare on the way to the office, wifey are going early mornings to study, so I am tasked with the logistics part.

But it feels good anyway, even if some parts is hanging in thin air, the destination apartment is worth the wait, it is just some obstacles on the route to our new home base.

Daycare is fixed and Lord Assburg got a spot/position in there, wifey has transferred her studies to new school and I am already working (since a year) in the new city.

Now we just need the get our asses over there. Just a few weeks of vacation between us and the move, my first long vacation (4 weeks) in several years as I have jumped around between employers a bit (which is a completely other post) and now have settled down with this company which is really good - fun, stimulating and creative.
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