That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

.. a little later.

Yet again, a long period since last update.

Nothing much has changed, working and commuting. Went to Spain, Almuñecár on conference with the job in the end of may, actually on my birthday. Really nice area, a subtropical spot of Europe with possibility to see across the Mediterranean over to Morocco, North Africa on a clear day.

Got an iPhone 3GS a few days before we left for Spain, brought it with me to Spain. The economy-lady told us that roaming costs would be deducted from salary as roaming was not covered in the phone deal. At the plane before take off I put the iPhone into Airplane-mode, arrived in Spain, to discover that what I thought was SIM-unlock code wasn't. I still used it to "steal" WIFI at the hotel at night, when sleepless.

I used my private phone as well, checking in on Foursquare and Gowalla ... thinking that the roaming and data transfer rates would not be that heavy.

I was wrong. A few days ago I got the bill, with a rather large amount on the Roaming Abroad row, about $60 for just under 5Mb data, 10 minute phone call and 3 SMS. I'm quite happy that I used the WIFI a lot in the hotel lobby, it was during the ShipToGaza-incident and I was following it on twitter.

Btw, I'm cisene on all the services above, if you'd like to friend me there as well.
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