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More time...

I wish there was more time...

I've been working my butt off the last couple of weeks, both at the office and at home. Lots of stuff going on and in end of this month, I'm going to Malaga, Spain for a "conference" -- well, atleast there will be some powerpoint slides, strategy review and such worky things... and then a few days of sun and bath... or for me, shade.

Mandatory Iphones will be issued this month, as the steam-phones at the office goes away. I don't really want an Iphone, I'd rather get a spanking new Google Nexus One. Android is prettier.

I've been working nights at home with at little project the last couple of weeks, a complete rewrite of an existing project I've been running since November 2008, I released this old-new project last week, working with finding bugs and kinks in the system, so far it has only been offline/hung for a few minutes. I'm planning on releasing it internationally within a few weeks, I neeed a few translators to do a little translating for me, I can't pay but can credit and link. Languages that would be nice to have it translated into, as Swedish and English is already in place, would be: German, Spanish, Frensh, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Portugese .. Russian? It's about 70 small chunks of text, many repeting blocks.

.. so, there... an update.

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