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Eh, some sort of summary of recent events...

Well, much have happened since I last updated...

.. I've managed to work about 8 months with a new employer, in Stockholm, enjoying it. I'm commuting between Eskilstuna and Stockholm every day (some 110 kilometers in each direction) which is about two hours on the train every day. I got time on the train to watch series (Fringe, Chuck, Reaper, Life, Sarah Conner Chronicles and so on) and even manages to get some work done while traveling, once in a while.

.. We have been living in a small-ish yellow house for more than a year now, really nice neighborhood, not as rough as the previous one where criminal activity were present daily, this new neighborhood have only had one incident recently, the local grocery store got robbed the other week by kids with motorcycle helmets.

.. I started blogging in Swedish and got a few regular readers, posted about the Swedish wiretapping laws (which suck big-time) and the visit-o-meter popped up from 10-20 visits a day to 35-50 a day. Fun.

.. This summer, me and the Lady, went to Kolmården, a Zoo-park-thingy were you can see all sorts of animals in themed areas. We had a special arrangement, to meet real live wolves. Spent about an hour with these four male wolves, really nice animals, really social to humans and cuddly as hell as they fought for attention, the park ranger got them howling too, the wolves are not as most of the Swedish population imagines them; blood-hungry beasts that sinks their teeth into anything that breathes. Got some really nice pictures.

.. Went to see Henry Rollins @ Rival, Stockholm, with my brother as his birthday gift from me. Rollins kicks some serious ass.

.. Went to see Stephen Lynch (with David Josefsberg and Rod Cone as side-kicks) with friends, if I'd have a really bad day, a few songs from Stephen could save the day! Josefsberg were an addition to the show, with the song The Dirty Sanchez, he took it to another level/dimension.

.. that's only a few things. I've been working all summer and haven't had any real vacation, gonna take some days around Christmas.
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