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I'm looking for a couple of good books about Postscript and SOAP, have spotted a few but can't make up my mind about them, if I'm gonna buy them for myself or let the company pay or buy a set for myself and let the company buy another set also.

I could really use a set for myself, as I find Postscript interesting and SOAP really useful. Would do fine as bed-time literature.

The general idea about using Postscript is to develop a few templates with a lot of functionality embedded, so I would be able to just pass a few arguments such as top, left positions and the contents to a function, which calculates line-spacing, alignment and such according to some rules and Postscript would handle the mechanics of processing. That would ease the production of PDFs, ready for print, also that would enable simple browser based preview of pages in the making.

There is also need for a few SOAP agents, to fetch data from remote servers, parse and store data to a database. I know only the most basic stuff about SOAP so there's a quite steep learning curve. I'm supposed to have a SOAP solution running in a few weeks, to push data to a remote server, although the receiving script has yet to be built as it's a completely new product.

In the beginning of June I have a Adobe seminar scheduled in Stockholm, lots of new and interesting stuff to see and get my hands on, AIR, Flex and other techniques, I'm also gonna bombard them with questions about PDFs and Postscript.

(Sorry about the boring topic)
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