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I got really upset this morning, the corporate wide anti-virus client bitched about a trojan. Well, guess what... it reports that the completely legitimate and explicitly installed Client is a trojan. Sure, there is droppers (malware that install other malware) for this floating around on the internet but these installations at the office are legitimate and done on purpose, to participate in the contest.

The OfficeScan Client didn't even manage to remove or quarantine the said trojan... which tell us that the OSC sucks/blows and is terribly broken.

From: (my email address)
To: (address of TrendMicro support)
CC: (abuse address of
Subj: False Positive, DNETC.EXE

I would like to report that your product detects false positives, the DNETC.EXE is a RC5-72 Client and NOT a trojan. This is detected as "TROJ_DISTNET.A".

It is explicitly installed on workstations to participate in the RC5-72 competition, see . I have been a participant ( of the RC5-72 competition since 2002-Dec-07 (1383 days).


The product that reports this is TrendMicro OfficeScan (Eng/Ptn 8.310/3.765.00 DCE/DCT 3.6/363), fix your product -- it's broken.

Regards, Christopher.

I'll update this when I get a reply.

I uninstalled all clients, even from some development servers which are "protected" with TrendMicro ServerProtect, a sister client to the OSC that runs on workstations, the ServerProtect Client (SPC for short) didn't report anything, not even while uninstalling the said "trojan".
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