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I have not written in a while... woke up this morning from a dream about my tax return, that was stolen by an MMS message in my cellphone... weird.

Lots of things happening at the office, some of them are positive and other negative.

I've been acquainted to the Progress database engine... which I find quite odd. At the moment this database engine feels like a souped-up Microsoft Access database... with no means to remote connections, atleast not open/free ones. It's supposed to be "Enterprise grade" database engine... bwah.

Well, I've been researching plastic cards... like club cards... as we own three news papers... there are (at the moment) two types of cards, which aren't existing in the same universe. The magnetic strip on the backside of the cards are very different, I've reverse engineered both of them using social engineering, brute force and google. I've got a good idea about how they are made up... hopefully they'll listen to my design suggestions next time they do cover-all batches.
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