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I like the situation at the office at the moment, I've been handed a few task that should be completed in a few weeks, most of them are already completed or near completion. My current playground is PHP and Perl, which it nice... since I like PHP over ASP and Perl over VBScript.

The spring has come to my part of the world, today was sunny and warm, it's almost like the summer is already here... but the Swedish weather now a days are a bit unpredictable, it may snow tomorrow. or not.

This weekend, Sandra and I went to my apartment to do some work, I brushed and plastered a half wall and started banging away on a sewage pipe that isn't used anymore, gonna work on it more and then use an angle grinder to level it with the floor. Hard work, feeling somewhat sore.

Haven't seen my brother or parents in a while, been working a lot, gonna visit my parents soon. When I think about it, I haven't seen my parents in 3-4 weeks, talked to them on the phone though.
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