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Today I have worked with Ghostscript, trying to convert EPS (adverts in newspaper print) to scaled PNGs for web publishing. I haven't got it right yet, the result has the right size and Ghostscript doesn't barf on the supplied parameters... the images are blank. Starting to get somewhat desperate, deadline monday evening, 3 days of which 2 is non-workdays.

The script is pretty nice, fetches an index file from a server with ftp, fetches all references for a certain type of adverts, pulls the referenced files (EPS) with ftp, processes/converts the files locally with Ghostscript (this is where it fails at the moment), writes an XML file to reference the converted files, uploads the images and the XML file to a remote production server and cleans up. It pulls, chews and spits out the 30 files in less then 30 seconds.

I love Perl.

Update: I made the deadline with 12+ hours, solved the problem with Ghostscript within 20 minutes this morning. The scripts are going to run it's first production batch this night. Hopefully nothing craps out.
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