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Crazy thing...

Went to lunch with my co-workers, ate and talked... then we entered a phone store... and I got an Sony-Ericsson W810i... along with a Jabra bluetooth headset and a USB bluetooth dongle. Luckily it's pay day... and the whole shebang was about €90.

Been thinking about tossing my old Nokia 3510i for a while... well, it's not even mine... I bought an 3510i from a co-worker who thought it sucked... and I needed something to replace my old Nokia 3330... so, for about €5 the 3510i was mine... later the battery crapped out and the reception were a joke... I switched it with another 3510i that Sandra had laying around... and today it's getting replaced. For the first time ever, I own an Sony-Ericsson phone... it's always been Nokia... almost, my absolutely first phone were a Motorola Tac 5100, a brick-like half kilo phone.
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