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Dear grandma'

Earlier this afternoon my dad called me to inform me about your death, you slipped away around noon.

I didn't call you that often these last couple of years, because it hurt too much, you often had to have my family relationship explained before you knew who I was. From my point of view, it destroyed the fun and enjoyable memories of you when I last saw you, you were bound to your bed or your chair. That chair was your throne for the last 20 years, read books, listened to classical music and watched danish tv. You had your dogs even after your legs ceased to function, you dedicated most of your life to your dogs, german shephards, bouviers and a welsh corgy cardigan. They meant a lot to you and you were so sad when the last of them passed away. I think that killed a part of you, one of the things that kept you alive.

You should have been 95 in april, that's a long life. You left behind three children and a whole bunch of grandchildern, we all love you and miss you.

Lots of love,
    Rest in Peace.
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