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Last day of the year...

There is lots of things that have been achived this year... and lots of things that didn't got done.

I should have put more effort into the shooting thing... never got to the shooting range this year. Will get better next year, I hope. Have been thinking about getting a storage cabinet, a .22 caliber for practise and a 9mm Glock model 17 (or 17C) for competing/practise.

My kitchen should have been completed, but due to lack of time and interest, it's still not even half-way to a proper kitchen.

I should have said "no" more often, at the office... and kept working just 8 hours a day, instead of 10-12 hours. I hope the new year brings atleast a new system developer to my department, to shift some workload away from me.

I had a very nice first year with Sandra and hoping for serveral more. Like 50 more.. or something like that.

My new camera (Canon 350D) rocks, I've taken about 6000 pictures with it already, since june... with my Nikon Coolpix880 I've taken about 6000, in 4 years. I still use both regularly.

Happy New Year!
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