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Keeping Watch for Interstellar Computer Viruses

I read the article (RTFA) and thought about it for a minute and now have a few comments to the article...

  • Always treat data as 'tainted' and 'unclean', this type of data are off-line data so buffer-overflow exploits wouldn't work.

  • If the first radio/tv signals have reached possibly populated planets with possibly intelligent lifeforms, how would they (the possibly evil-minded aliens) know the following things, in order to possibly 'infect' our computers, say 50 to 100 years later?

    • CPU-architecture

    • Operating System(s)

    • ... that we may or may not be listening to signals from space.

  • To infect a coputer with a virii, you would have to run the data as machine code, which have to match an instruction-set of the computer in question or else the code will crash/hang.

  • The SETI project doesn't deserve this kind of negative/nutty publicity.

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