That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

Day off

I had a day off. Yeah, but as usual, they had to call me in... as servers always seem to find it appropriate to go ballistic whenever I'm on vacation. Went there a few hours later, as I took my time -- I had the day off, so it was on my conditions.

Couldn't find anything out of order... the computer dept. people had rebooted the machine. MySQL were acting up... but had been running smoothly the last 6 months (yeah, that's uptime). It acted up in early may the last time, as it desided that its socket wasn't good enough any more... removed it, recreated it and restarted the process, no need to reboot. Weird.

Found an interesting Lost forum at, theories about the numbers and other things. They got really cool tshirts, I'd like to have one of these or one of these.
Tags: lost, rant, work

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