That chubby swede (sleepy) wrote,
That chubby swede

I'm considering changing my cellphone number... and make it unlisted. My vacation(s) has been interrupted by calls and sms's more than I like. I dislike being regarded as 'always on call' when I'm not even payed for it... so I'll tell the manager about my thoughts, from my point of view.

  • If I'm not paid in any way for the interruptions, I'll consider it as I am 'on call' all the time, therefore I should get paid for it.
  • If the above argument isn't valid, I'll take it through the workers union.. they can make a difference as they got me a raise the last time, got more than anyone else.. as most of my chores at the moment isn't in my job description (yet).
  • If they can't pay me for invading my spare time, I'm gonna suggest they hire an additional system developer -- who can fill for me -- which aren't gonna happen.
  • Last resort would be working just as much as asked of me, not doing anything more than required.

The manager brought up the idea about having a special cell phone for personel, being 'on call' for a few days at a time on a rolling schedule. I guess it got stuck on some financial issues as it hasn't happened yet.

I also made a few good friends during my trip to the U2 consert. One that works at a local office of a global company as an inhouse IT-consultant, I think he'll talk about me to his manager... if there are openings. Another new friend has an equal position in a large privately owned company (in another city) and thought that I could fit into the organization. I don't like the idea of commuting but would do that as a worst case scenario.

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