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First day back

Back at the office after 3 weeks vacation... started off with a cup of coffee... and a half hour reading mail, then the phone rang... a customer eagerly wanted to visit the office to discuss issues about a project... blah, blah, blah.. and 2.5 hours where gone... made the whole day lag, temporarily assigned chores delayed... some stupid sms-contest had ended and the results had to be published along with event tickets that had to be run down to the front desk, for contestants to pick up.

Lunch. A fast one. A burger.

Spent the better part of the afternoon writing a few PHP scripts for uploading and parsing of invoice information from a giro system, this time it's written better and does everything faster and with much more elegance... I wrote something like this in ASP a few years back, with less structure and a bit less elegant code. Damn, I whish I could rewrite everything in PHP... that would be much less code maintenance. Less "fulkåd" -- less ugly code.

Left the office rather late, 8pm-ish... went to Sandras place, emtpy as they were at some shopping mall looking for clothes.

I suspect tomorrow will be much like it was today... lots of calls... people wanting stuff done in no time.
Like an ordinary day at the office.

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