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I've been reading about Python today, to use as programming language for a private project. I plan on writing an Uptime Client for the Uptime Project ( that I am a participant of... I've rewritten/tweaked a SNMP Perl client earlier, known as the supclient-1.1. The original author of that script hadn't touched it in several years and I felt that it could be a good idea to enhance it with a new protocol (that's the version 5.0 (UDP) protocol).

Now I'd like to write a new client completely in Python, from scratch... I had planned to write it in C++... but after some reading about Python, it feels like it is the right language to use. Modules as XML, SNMP and WMI are available, so writing a functional client shouldn't require that much effort. Making it cross-platform and unicode complient would be.

I've researched different uptime projects and collected protocol specifications, to support them in this new client... an uptime client to unite them all. Most of them are http-based and should be easy to mimic, others are UDP and are somewhat more complicated.

If the project are pulled off, I'll write more nifty utility programs... from the top of my head;
  • a SMTPd honeypot... with logging/forensic and different behaviours (server mimics)

  • a messenger service that listens to udp/1026+1027, to log and monitor (and perhaps retaliate) messenger spam sent from .cn, .kr and .us.
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