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I've had fever yesterday, today it's better but now my nose have clogged up instead, sore throat... I feel that I don't have time to be sick, have a few projects near dead line and have planned to take one or two days off at the end of the week, to clean up and throw out stuff, before the window guys show up... they're gonna replace all windows in the building, starting next Monday... and they need to bring the new windows up during Thursday/Friday so they can start early Monday morning. The poo-for-brains land lord, couldn't have started this project while it still were some mild climate... no, it had to be chilly... so, you can let out all the heat from the building... while replacing windows, that are to _save_ on energy costs... figures.

Other things; the relation with Sandra is great. When I'm alone/at work/not with her, I miss her... it's almost too good to be true, we have agreed on that. But who cares, I'm enjoying the ride... and I hope it's long one... it feels like she's a keeper.

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