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A consultant visited our computer department today, I had a short chat with the guy about my end of the publishing system, that they had originally delivered. There were some good news and some bad news. The good news were that they had scrap heaped the Java servlet (with a dependency to XWindows and ImageMagick) and completely remade the article import system, this time in command line PHP and GD2. The bad news, the consultant himself had coded the whole shebang... We have spent the better part of 1.5 years phasing out his shitty code from the web site code base... just to get a new batch of completely new clueless queries and non modular scripts. He said that we were free to make any modifications to his stuff, which we certainly will do... I think he will come back at a later date to steal it back... as we think he has already done with other stuff... fortunately, I've left crumbs in the whole code base... "<!-- consultant-company name steals code -->" ... so it will be easy to spot.

It's the same company who think open source is the best thing since sliced bread, it's a large smorgasbord of stuff to cut 'n paste code from... but they don't want to contribute back... and they made their servlets closed source.

Although, I'm happy that some of my feed back got through... after repeated bug reports and suggestion to remake their servlet into scripts, which can be reviewed and debugged as bugs and issues surface.

I've found some energy to once again get things started in my apartment, I got a hefty tax return... most of it went right into the bed/sofa fund... I think a bed would be most needed at the moment. The planned window/balcony door replacement hasn't started yet, I hope to get much of the junk in my apartment out before the workers come to my floor... as the heap of dead and cannibalized computers are a quite bizarre scene in my living room. I scrapped everything less than Pentium Pro 200... and still have enough boxes to have "many" computers.

I've spent a lot of time with Sandra lately, it feels good.
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