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I got an idea last night, a starter project... to get me going in the open source world. The idea is to write a smallish application for KDE, for programming the AM/FM radio scanner I use to listen to cops, security guards, ambulance and taxi companies... yes, it is legal in Sweden... there is such application only available on Win32 platform and was released 2001, so basically nothing has happened in 3 years... It shouldn't be that hard really, a serial connection is used to communicate with the radio unit and I plan to mimic and extend the GUI... at worst I have to reverse engineer the communication protocol (which I haven't seen any documentation of, yet) .. but that can't be that hard, I imagine...

My C++ skills aren't that good... my KDE knowledge is nil... so, this project would serve multiple purposes;
  • I would have to relearn C++

  • The KDE community gains, in further growth of app. base

  • Scanner manufacturer gains after market value on a 3 yr old model, possibly more recent models can be supported too

  • ..
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