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2004-07-31 13:01 Real Spam
Summary: 294 147,984
Amount/hour: 0.09218415 46.40061122
Factor: 0.00198670

... this is what I get, an average of 46 spam/hour... that sucks. I have a few friends around the world who is gonna help me with propagating the lists of faked addresses, through *Mule (eMule/lMule/aMule...) networks and on Kazaa... with the source of material I have I can generate somewhere around 24000 billion (~24000000000000) fakes... on a small planet with barely 7 billion occupants of which about 80% don't have Internet access and no e-mail. I can outrun them... with a little help from my friends.

The goal is to prove that SMTP and insecure servers must be fixed. And to thinner the margins/profit for the people who spam, if there's no profit in it, it will stop.. or botch the Internet.

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