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I had really weird dreams this morning... first I slept for about two hours... dreaming about being in the middle of a gas station robbery, for some reason I was pinned down behind the counter from cross fire... and started to defend myself with a shotgun. Managed to escape leaving the gas station burning and people chased me...

I woke up feeling physically ill, from the pain in my back... almost had to go puke... had a glass of water ... and started to stretch, couldn't sit or lay down... after about an hour I had stretched as much as I could, I lay down on the bed, belly down... a position I never sleep in... and fell asleep. Exhausted.

The dream continued, this time I was under suspicion of being involved in the gas station robbery... and got my three homes (!) raided by the police... apartments that were known to be empty, the cops shot flash bangs and maze through the windows and broke down the doors. I was furious and demanded that they should pay for all the damages and they just brushed me off... just for fun they started to search neighbors apartments too, turning the neighbors against me... the cops started to carry things out of the apartments into a sub surface garage, where the stuff were categorized and tagged...

I woke up... no pain, just a burning sensation where the pain had been... laughed out loud... and then got up from bed to have a cup of coffee. I had overslept the shooting practice theory ... have to read up on certain things till next week as I'll have to do a test soon.

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