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I wrote a lengthy entry... and decided it was eyes only, private... but it felt good... to have it out of my system, in written words... instead of gnawing thoughts... it feels a lot better now. Cleansed. Sort of. Blargh.

Well, the next couple of week are going to be hectic... both lots of work at the office... and at home. Furthermore, I'm gonna try to resuscitate my nearly-dead-or-atleast-dormant social life... to meet new people. I'm gonna call the blood donor center, to check when my next appointment will occur... as I'm planning on having a tattoo... can't donate any blood in six months after a tattoo-job... so, to minimize the damage I need to know when... so I can plan when to get it.

Oh yeah, I got a hefty tax return this year... and have been thinking about what to do with it... I'm leaning against the thought of getting a massive sofa for the living room... but I'd really like to buy a new camera... sofa, camera... camera, sofa.. can't make up my mind.

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