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As I released a new newspaper site friday afternoon, the first reactions came this morning... people from retriever/agent services started calling about them not getting in on the site, our mgr got a call during a meeting, he had to leave running as the rest of us burst out laughing... as it's the fifth time or something like that this happens... they're making money from a service that operates in a legally grey area, indexing/spidering written material and selling the information for profit, whitout ackowledging copyright or anything... and without any kickbacks to us. Still they are surprised when they find out that they are blocked, well duh...

One even tried to BS our mgr and the discussion went on something like this..
dude: "We're just like google, just indexing..."
mgr: "No, you are not."
dude: "Yes, we are... Can't you let our spiders in?"
mgr: "No, you are indexing and gathering information from our site and selling it for profit... the material is copyrighted and we don't have a deal with you."
mgr: "We will not lift any blocks until we have a deal and we get percentage of your profit."
dude: "Ehm, ok. We will come back with an offer..."
... and then weeks pass, often without any callbacks.

I routinely check the server logs and block spiders that look commercial... google and others are ok but msn is blocked.

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