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I'm up already... I don't know how this happened... but I remember a quite vivid dream, it had a few disturbing episodes...

Yesterday I were at the shooting range again... this time we were a small group, fast series... shot 5 series .22, did quite well as we were supposed to just hit the target and keep the hits in a smaller area... after that we went to another part of the shooting range to practice with 9mm, I got a Glock... and I think I'm in love... did well there too... practiced even more safety, regulations and stance on ACD targets at 7 and 15 meters, I got most A hits and kept all but 2 or 3 bullets on the target. The others were quite impressed, along with myself.

Next time (perhaps later this week) we will practice stance and other things... the idea is that we should learn and practice with the stricter rules from the beginning, that would save us the trouble of adjusting later... and we have the eyes of many upon us, as we're n00bs.

P and I were discussing the idea of buying guns, for practice... and have them stored by D, our instructor/friend as we don't have licenses just yet, as we learned that they aren't particularly expensive and it spares us the hassle of adjusting ourselves to a new gun every time.

... and I had a very pleasant discussion with F last night.

Well, I'm gonna get dressed and get going...
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