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Spam gauge: 185/1

Just been out to my parents place... a nice way of ending a rather busy week... had a bite and watched TV... and a glass of whiskey... my brother and I were pretty pooped after a 45+ hour week... went home early...

I like the way the spammers reacted... spam rate dropped abruptly after my mail to them... I guess they reading a little between the lines... that I wasn't a clueless n00b but instead showed what I knew about them ... and that it could hurt their business really bad if they lost their Internet connection. I'm still pondering whether I should bring the issue to their uplink provider... just to have them off the net... for fun... and on behalf of all the other people they pester with their "biz"...

After a lengthy conversation yesterday with someone, I've been thinking a lot today... intelligent AND cute. me likes.

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