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Went to mom and dads place this evening... ate, talked and watched TV... getting out there makes me relax but staying too long makes me climb walls... did some laundry and played with moms puppy... growing fast... I wish I had the time to have a dog...

Dad has an appointment in the beginning of April to have his other eye fixed... and three weeks after he fell on a icy spot, he is still sleeping in the arm chair... fractured rib that hurts... making it almost impossible to lay down...

I'm down to about 100Gb of lost music.. much of the stuff I have been working on had been copied to my development server... circa 400Mb... lucky me... so, there's about 200Mb of data lost in the crash... it must have crashed electronically... as I scanned for it today and only the primary disc is showing up... piece of shite hard drive... less than a year old... haven't dug through my piles of papers yet to find the receipt... it's there somewhere...

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