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Spam gauge: 10768/2

I mailed the company that's responsible for about 90% of all spam I receive, asking them to remove all addresses referencing my privately owned domain, if they ignore or neglect my mail I promised them to approach their uplink provider. I also requested information about where, when and how they acquired those addresses... This isn't fun anymore. Another step would be to forward each and every spam to them, the spam company and their uplink (major US operator)... that would be some ~4000/day... as most spam originate and/or destinate in the US, it's largely a US domestic problem. I live in Europe.

The ultimate solution/ending (and defeat for me) would be to drop the domain... and start from scratch. I wish I were on a better Internet connection, like 10mbit/s... then I could host my own mail and web site... on my terms. Drop spammers at the door (firewall) and drop everything else that doesn't fit MY rules.

I should be asleep... but this (along with other things) kept me awake...
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