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Donated blood today... I've donated 1350ml this far... and had my 30 SEK each time donated to assorted funds..

The day has been really hectic, stuff that should have been done, wasn't... so I had to fix things and my phone rang constantly the first three hours... it was a good thing to stay at home this past weekend... to rest and recover... on behalf of not meeting friends and not attenting a synthpop festival.

This morning I had very vivid dreams, second morning in a row... this is very rare... mostly I don't dream at all.. at least nothing that I can remember... I could remember lots of strange things from this mornings dreams... strange locations and situations... with people I know from real life... and online... I like dreaming... makes me sometimes wake up with a smile, amused by the bizarre things I dream.

The colleauges have already drawn a vacation table on the white boards... already planning... I got almost 6 weeks and don't have a clue about when to use all this time... as I'm now sole system developer, there's nobody to cover for me... so I can't really leave town... I hope to be compensated for this in some way... I'll work something out with the mgr... I think I'll use some of it during this spring... to just sit back and ponder... perhaps with a cold beer... in the sunshine... watching girls... drool.

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