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Spam gauge: 10074/1

Something really scary happened Thursday night while watching the Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines, at the scene where they start calling in on the radio at the end, my computer spontaneously rebooted...

I slept pretty ok, dreamt even... still feeling that I should get more sleep, going to bed early tonight... these past weeks has been burdensome, mostly due to pile ups of site updates and releases... it feels like the market is slowly gaining speed and momentum. That's good.

I sat this morning/early afternoon sorting through my mail... without PopFile my email situation would be chaotic and completely unmanageable... now it's a breeze, if any spam would slip through I make sure it's detected the next time... and normal mail gets through without troubles. Rinse. Repeat. My current flow of mail is about ~3400/day... out of that, 1-2 are real...

I miss having physical contact, skin on skin... no one to hug and cuddle...
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