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Hmmmm... the guys at and the authors of Stuffit (.sit and .hqx formats) seems to be real dumb dumbs. Nowhere on their site is a simple executable or an uncompressed executable version of their decompressing program... their decompressing software packages is compressed... with their compressing program. On a newly installed Mac OS 9.1 box, there is no pre-installed decompressing program... which makes is a little hard to decompress their package. Intelligent. Very.

Update: After burning several CDs with both executables and a variety of compressed decompressors... I give up. The "intuitive" GUI of Mac OS 9.1 is utter crap, it won't even recognize executables as executables... it uses resource forks, something hidden in the filesystem that indicates what is executeble and what is not... that's fucked. The laptop (Powerbook 1400cs) is isolated (without network) as long as I can't expand the installation piece for YellowDog Linux, as Mac OS recognizes the PCMCIA card as a network device but doesn't have any drivers for it and the manufacturers are ass wipes not issuing mac drivers and therefore not letting me connect to download an expander to get the YDL stuff installed. Moment 22. Circular dependencies. Fuck you too.

Update: Apparently the stuffit shite were on the installation CD for Mac OS 9.1... but didn't install for some reason... so I installed it, just to find out it didn't handled .hqx files. I'll continue this later... when I have the motivation and patience...
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