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I had to write something about the things dreamt about just before I woke up this morning... as I had about half an hour of extra sleep after turning off the alarm clock...
My friend Jessica and I did silly things in Stockholm, riding bicycles through subway train cars and spent hours in a waiting room in a train station... watching people and knew lots about every person we saw... and announced the information through the PA system... "Peter Lastname, you're late for dinner... call your wife to apologize, buy chocolate and flowers... and bring your car in on Monday for that check up..." .. it was a quite skewed and vivid world... there were a sad episode too.

I wonder what Jessica are up to these days... haven't thought about her in must be like 3 or 4 years now... and haven't heard from her in like 6 or so years... we lost contact, for many reasons... last time I heard from her, she had just given birth to her first child, a daughter, Amanda... and that she moved in with an older guy, like 10 years older... she turned 29 not long ago... I hope she's doing fine.
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