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Today I revoked a valid global server certificate (SSL)... that was issued to a customer... due to a misunderstanding the issuer (verisign affiliate) issued a certificate that were far too wide for us (i.e. global) with a price that was far too steep... had the certificate re-issued today that fitted the customer better... all in the same day... heard from others that it could take something like a week to have it done...

I'm feeling pooped... just got home from the office... got called in earlier today... one of the db servers had shit itself and filled up disks with transaction logs, which hanged a few shopping sites... so, I've been working since 7.20 something... next week I'll be buried in rather big project... code and deploy a publication system backend... from scratch... perl, mysql, gd and forests of regular expressions... the next week after that will be spent coding the front end in php... along with all the daily production I might be thrown into...

Had late dinner with Sarah yesterday, went to a Chinese restaurant that was about to close... had about half an hour to shove the chow... were quite hungry, so it wasn't really a problem...

Got a call from T this evening, asking about the weekend after next... whether I'd like to go to the Static v1.0 festival or not... told him I wasn't quite sure... I want to go but don't know yet if I got the time... would be fun though... as Colony 5 and a bunch of other bands will be on stage...

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