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It feels like I've over done it again... after four 60+ hour weeks I'm rather apathetic in front of a computer... nothing is fun any more... online communities are boring, IRC is boring, sifting through spam is boring... I'm empty. Need a refill... or a good shag.

Tonight there's a party... a friend turns 30... but I don't feel like going... not feeling social... but are gonna go, out of politeness... didn't find any gift for him... he already have everything he needs which makes it kinda hard to find anything... I'm not gonna stay for long, gonna excuse myself before midnight and go home to sleep...

K quit Wednesday... caused some turbulence... and fuck ups... the computer dept. changed the admin password (for security reasons) and we had a few services on a couple of servers that promptly hanged. Now I am the lead system developer, or just sole system developer... we lost a lot o knowledge.
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