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When I came home, closed the door behind me... I heard knocking on the door... my neighbor, who asked if I had been away for some time... negative answer to that... they have heard my alarm clock go off every morning... they thought no one was home... I answered that I am hard to wake up in the mornings... and the guy laughed a little... I noticed sharpness in his tone of voice... so I moved my bed tonight into another room... so they won't hear the alarm clock... and rigged a radio and low energy florescent light on a timer... so the bed room will be lit up like daylight a half hour before it's time to get out of bed....

I brought home an old camera that had been laying around my desk for a year... an Apple QuickTake 150 (640x480x24b)... with a cable but no power, dug up a power supply and hooked it up to my OS X box... no luck there... as Apple have been so kind to discontinue the support for old parallel serial port cameras in OS X... even after downloading old driver disks, which didn't work as they required Classic mode to run... and installing TWAIN support... and Image Capture SDK... it wouldn't find the damn thing... didn't reboot though... While fiddling around with the camera I notice there were already 8 pics in it... I have no idea what it could be... twiddled some more and filled up the memory with junk pics...

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