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Spam gauge: 50/7

I wish I could call the number below and harass them just a little... or fax bomb them for a few hours... but that's illegal in the states... wonder if they could press charges to a non us-citizen... this also shows what their prices are... for your peace of mind.
My plan is to lower their success rate ... hopefully to less than one of a million...

E M A I L A D V E R T I S E T O 3 0 0 + M I L L I O N P E O P L E !

$295 for 10 MILLION Email Ads Sent [ If 1 of 10,000 Respond = 1,000 ORDERS ]
$395 for 15 MILLION Email Ads Sent [ If 1 of 10,000 Respond = 1,500 ORDERS ]
$495 for 25 MILLION Email Ads Sent [ If 1 of 10,000 Respond = 2,500 ORDERS ]

SOLID, RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL - Excellent Results - 8 Years in Business

For Further Details, Call In The USA 24/7: +1(206)223-1270 / Fax: +1(503)213-6416

For Lower Cost Email Advertising Software/Services:

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