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The new Mac box has been baptized... Lisbon... Damn, I'm running out of capitols... Warsaw, Berlin, Oslo, Vienna, Paris, Madrid, Rome... and now Lisbon. I still have boxes without names... as they aren't assembled/installed. 14 boxes in total and a few mobos that needs casing/ghetto rack...

Lisbon is a G3 (the grayish bulky type) and I still haven't figured out all it's specs yet... as I haven't found any model number... but it runs Mac OS X fine... it's going to be lots of fun playing around with it... had an oldie 20" CRT around which I tried to connect... just to find out that the cable had been left behind at my parents place... have to wait until Sunday ... or manually switch my 19" CRT between the boxes, that would have an enormous suckage factor... but it works.

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