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Something weird happened during my lunch break... I was standing in line at McD's... when the restaurant manager floated around behind the counter... and started picking orders from customers in line ... at different registers... at the time I reached the counter, he was serving the lady that was standing behind me... moron... it seem like he pick and choose customers he knew... much to the annoyance to the regular staff... at other occations, like when I pop in to grab something for breakfast, he instantly recognizes me.. and throws in promo's... like a pie or a muffin... today, he just looked right through me like he didn't see me... at all. blah. not that it doesn't matter, it just annoyed me... went into fuck-it-all-I-just-don't-care mode for the next hour...

I'm tired... my eyes sting... but I can't leave just yet... have to sit here for two more hours... as I was kinda late this morning... and I got to have this certain project in order for monday... as it goes live. But I have plans for tonight... first... a cup of soup... and then I'll go into horizontal mode, until I wake up tomorrow around noon... and then I'll be busy snoring for a few hours more...
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