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More spam buddies...

Spam gauge: 1433/0

Found more spam buddies...
aaron ariana beo captiv8edkitten ct496 dawntilldusk djjones efw emk fdh fizzbain fknight gerbier insanechris izzicam jchandler jeller jenferian jerry58 jgossett jhen jkagan jspelbring kdc lammi lamprey lloydh mrider the_ravyn rubylou sabatoa sam scasey1960 seadawg shannonkringen trinaest heinousbitca shudder2think siriel _bostwick sj sjaak sjester skrauss skysurfer slamb slandry slassen slbrown sleary slharris souya speaker4thedead stanj starburst starcom stars3 supersmash teriw vallie waynej ways wintermute

  • weird mail

    Some dude contacted me, to try to buy this blog because of the name .. nope. Not for sale, sorry.

  • Almost a year

    We have been living in Västerås for almost a year now, the way here was a bit bumpy in the beginning, as we had two months in between homes. See…

  • More about the move

    Yeah, I have blogged more about the move over at .. in English.

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