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Finally Friday...

Ahhhh... I woke up late this morning... and dragged myself to work... arrived 9am at the office... and of cuz... the boss was out... I had to ask him about a few important things... he's out "visiting a customer" ... (read: out playing golf)

With some customers you just wish you'd never sold anything to them... they bitch about small things... and about stuff that is well beyond our responsibility and goodwill... that we should provide any-hour-of-the-day support...

My private home number is not listed in the phone directory, it's not secret or anything... but I've been thinking about blocking it away from number services... so customers won't get it and call me at home... on odd hours... which happened on another employment I had, on the county offices as a service technician/tech support ... some high-ranking-big-honcho got hold of my number and called a few times really late nights... I was still up, but it was well after polite-to-call-people-time... midnite... asking for how to do this and that in ol' Win 3.11...

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