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Mission completed. Went to the medical care center and had an examination, got a remittance for x-ray... went to the hospital and did the x-ray stuff and they kept me waiting for 1.5 hours... and then just return my patient card with no real answer about the x-ray shots... that sucked... the results had been sent to medc. ... and they didn't know any details... I'd like to have copies of the x-ray sheets, as it isn't every day stuff to have your own head x-rayed... had to endure an old man talking for an hour about people I didn't know... I just nodded and mumbled something at the appropriate moments...

Today this city crawled with Norwegians... met two after lunch while strolling around down town... and the doc at medc. were Norwegian too...

I've been awake for like 30 hours on 4 cups of coffee and are about to break up into small pieces... but still, I feel content and satisfied with the day so far... happy even.

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