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I woke up an hour ago... still sleepy... about to start preparing for the party tonight... somewhere with Nick and F... it's not decided yet... but at least there's party on. I wasn't sure there would be any... gonna cut my hair, shave and have a long nice shower... and then get dressed...

Yesterday was a haze... after not be able to sleep last night, yesterday were though getting through without excessive amounts of coffee... ran around town getting things done. Sneaked coffee at the office and talked with the colleagues that were there... and had to help them solve a matter with a customer... this particular customer comes with an urgent matter and expects that it can be solved instantly... and on top of that, it's things that aren't even on our servers... "This matter must be solved before the morning of January 7th, as there are 2000 postcards with this URL printed on them"... duh... demanding having things fixed when there's hardly any staff working the days between Xmas and new year...

For the same customer we built a Xmas card site, for his clients customers to send electronic Xmas cards to each other and their customers... just a few days before Xmas... no one ever used it... as it was too close to Xmas. Thank you... and here's the bill.
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