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28 days later...

Yikes! The bestest movie I've seen in a while... the 28 days later reminded a bit about Resident Evil but had it's own qualities... and were quite scary.

These are the movies I've seen since September this year (latest first);
Steve-O Volume 3 - PCP Saved My Life, 911 Road To Tyranny, Battle Royale 2, Red Dawn, National Security, No Man’s Land, Mystic River, FOTR - ROTK, Foolproof, The Pirates of Silicon Valley, Battle Royale, The Game, The Atomic Café, Hable con ella/Talk to her, Samsara, Timeline, Dragonfly, Half Past Dead, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Elling, Enigma, Donny Darko, Sjön, Black Cat White Cat, Love Actually, Nikita, Mulholland Drive, The Suicide Club, Terrorists - The Kids They Sentenced, Radio, Bang Bang You are Dead, The Time Machine, Brainscan, The Opposite of Sex, Haggard, Human Traffic, The 10th Kingdom, The Matrix Revolutions, Phone Booth, Requiem For A Dream, Threads, Mindhunters, Final Fantasy, Spun, Below, Underworld, Trainspotting, Ringu 2, Cypher, Nineteen Eighty-Four, AntiTrust, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Lilja 4-ever, Freedom Downtime, The Ring, Identity, Matchstick Men, The Rundown, Legend.
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